Any place, any situation

Soupster supports, makes things easier, supplies, and, most of all – soupster sells. Here are a few inspiring examples where soupster is valued for its health-conscious, satisfying, and hearty meals:

Gastronomic uses

Wherever premium quality needs to be served quickly and easily, for example:

  • gas [USA] / petrol [UK] stations
  • highway [USA] / motorway [UK] rest stops
  • bistros, pubs, bars, discotheques [night clubs]
  • hotels (greetings from the kitchen)
  • bakeries, butcher shops, supermarkets

Service providers

Wherever there is no cafeteria, or people are hard at work beyond the opening hours of the cafeteria:

  • business advisers
  • advertising companies
  • architect firms
  • tax advisers
  • law offices
  • municipal or government offices
  • clinics and hospitals
  • auto service establishments with short wait times for customers (e.g. tire [US] / tyre [UK] dealers, auto glass repair, A/C [US] / aircon [UK] check)

Excellent taste –
from fine china to paper cup

soupster is just as delicious served with a cloth napkin in a fine dining establishment as it is served in a to-go cup made from high quality cardboard.

Flexibility and variety

Discover premium quality where you would not have expected it – until now:


Set up your soupster in your kitchen and surprise your guests with a one-of-a-kind flavor experience – in seconds.


Order your soupster S3 or one with the optional vending mechanism. You decide on portion size and price. Soupster paper cups are available through your soupster service center.