More time for friendliness.

It is a mere 9 seconds from the desire for a delicious soup to its fulfillment – including a lovingly placed sprig of parsley for decoration. The soupster soup machines get working with the push of a button and put a surprised smile on everyone's faces. Place the bowl, push a button, smile at your customer, done. Serve the soup, smile at your customer once again, and tell them “bon appetit!” Next in line, please!

The soupster premium-quality soup machines.

  • are intuitively operated thanks to the digital touch panel
  • portion sizes can be adjusted to meet your individual needs
  • small footprint, standard electricity requirements, including an energy-saving standby-mode
  • can be operated with or without a fixed water hookup
  • glass facia with decorations, body made from stainless steel – to ensure the best in hygiene
  • cleanup in seconds without the need for chemicals
  • available with or without vending mechanism

Soupster will pay for itself in only a few short months

You can calculate right now how quickly you will
recover the cost of one of our machines. On
average, 4 months are plenty, and all the money
you make is yours afterwards.

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Soupster S3

Offers up to three
choices of our
specialty soups.

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Soupster mini

Offers up to eight
choices of our
specialty soups.

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