Soupster, or the incessant
dissatisfaction of engineers

Enjoying an excellent soup was not the original idea of the engineers from the small family-owned business from Frankenberg/Eder, Germany. Actually, for more than 20 years they did nothing but develop commercial coffee machines and making LOGO-Café one of the leading manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines in Germany.

However, the developers did not want to remain sitting on their laurels, and so, about four years ago, they asked themselves what other good uses they could conjure up for a commercial coffee machine. The answer came quickly. The soup machine started out as an idea which was quickly turned into reality. The prototypes of the first soup machines were put to a first (taste) test. And another. And another. And yet another. Until the engineers were satisfied and the machines delivered a soup which – at the push of a button – ended up in a soup bowl, looked appetizing, and tasted so delicious that nobody wanted to believe that it had actually come from a machine!

But that is truly how it happened, and soupster, the world's first premium-quality instant soup was created. A new category within the professional catering industry was invented, which led the creators of soupster to found a whole new business – SOUPSTER GmbH, with headquarters in Frankenberg/Eder, Germany, but at home everywhere in the world where the emphasis lies on speed, quality, and dependability. Now, don't think for a second that the engineers are happily sitting back now eating soup. Soupster was only a small step in the history of high quality machines that create stunning and delicious food and thus lend a soul to every moment of indulgence.

What our engineers are currently working on is our secret. But only as long as the next idea turns into a reality with which you can spoil your guests, make your employees' jobs a little easier, and which turns into more revenue for you.

If you should have any questions about soupster or LOGO Café, please feel free to contact me via email.

Sincerely yours,
Ihr Reinhold Schmidt
Inventor, Owner, and Visionary of Soupster